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Cyprus is deservedly called the "Island of Love." Come and find out why for yourselves!


Friendly in welcome, trusting and trustworthy by nature. You'll wander through picturesque streets, take in colorful festivals and treat your palate to delicious local and international cuisine.

You will witness a culture that draws on Europe, the Middle East, and 9000 years of constant invasion. Crusader castles rub shoulders with ancient vineyards, frescoed monasteries overlook citrus orchards, and sandy, sun-soaked feet tread Roman mosaic floors.

Discover golden sandy beaches beside crystal clear turquoise waters.

For a peaceful and tranquil experience, explore the untamed natural beauty of Cape Greco by hiking, biking, or walking through nature trails of wild flora and fauna. Listen to the evening waves crash against the cliff faces of Cape Greco whilst the luminous orange red glow of the sun dips into the Mediterranean

Shop in fashionable boutiques and talk with the locals whose ancestry goes back to the ancient seafaring Greeks.

Meet the local fishermen and farmers, see the world through their eyes and never forget, you are standing on land that bathes in 9000 years of pride and history.

Climate and Temperature

With 340 days of sunshine a year, Cyprus has got one of the most enjoyable climates in Europe. The summers are warm and dry beginning in May and lasting till October with an average of 11.5 hours of sunshine a day. A cool breeze accompanies the coming of autumn whilst the sun remains high in the clear blue sky. On the areas of Famagusta for example, people can enjoy swimming nine months of the year, in the remaining time, the sea is only appropriate for the passionate yearly swimmers. On the other hand, the winter is short and mild, and the sun usually shines even just after a big storm. The summer season basically begins from the end of March, and stretches up to the middle of November.

Average Temperature Degrees Celsius


























Embrace Cyprus. It is a joyous celebration of life, lived fully, simply and with passion!


Ayia Napa has been transformed from a sleepy fishing village into a lively resort that has something for all ages and contrary to popular belief, this cosmopolitan town isn't all about bars and clubs for the younger generations. If you look closer you will discover that Ayia Napa is full of history and tradition, impossible for even the fussiest of visitors not to find something that would interest them. The center of the town is built around a med-evil monastery. Surprisingly this has been well preserved over the many centuries and a visit here is like stepping back in time. Just to the side of the main square, traditional folk dancing takes place during the summer.

At the end of September the Ayia Napa Street Festival takes place with singing and dancing performed for anybody that wants to watch. Special acts from all over the world are brought to perform at the festival (in 2001, River Dance came to Cyprus and the show was performed in front of thousands of spectators). One of the most beautiful locations to visit in Ayia Napa is the fishing harbour. Much money has been invested over the last couple of years to revitalize this area. The results are amazing!! The entire harbour has been pedestrianised with cafes and fish-tavernas lining the area. A wooden walk way spans the length of the harbour and continues past it. At night, beautifully designed lights light up to illuminate the area, setting the perfect scene for a romantic meal or a stroll along the harbour watching the moon float over the sea.

Discover Ayia Napa. You will be surprised!



The church of Ayia Thekla is one of the oldest spots in the area dating back to the middle ages. It sits in a peaceful setting, fronted by the beautiful turquoise Mediterranean Sea and surrounded by natural flora. A small sandy beach also lies here with a tiny island just of the shore that keeps the waves away. Legend has it that the church over the centuries has suffered severe damage caused by the many armies that conquered the island through time. The church in its present condition dates back to the beginning of the last century.

Recently the area around this historic monument has attracted some residential development due to its attractive setting and climate. During the springtime the area abounds in the natural colours of wild flowers and un-spoilt greenery, which compliments perfectly the rocky coastline. This rare combination of history and natural beauty is considered by many to be the place to live.
Approximatley a few kilometers from the center of Ayia Napa, a ten and 15 minute drive respectively from Paralimni and Protaras and about 20 minutes from Larnaca. Ayia Thekla is perfect for those who seek the privacy and seclusion of a residential area but still want to be within easy reach of the 4 major resorts and towns of the area.


Modern shops and offices stand beside traditional coffee shops and old stores, adjacent streets with traffic lights mix together with small roads that are towered over by old  venetian style houses, old women wearing the traditional black garb, men sitting outside the local coffee shops playing back gammon while the younger generation goes by in the latest fashions, beautifully constructed modern day churches overlook the old and crumbling architecture of the older worshiping grounds that house fading mosaics, a
drink of coffee in a modern cafee whilst listening to the afternoon church service and the harmonious church bells as they ring out across the old square. This is Paralimni.

Where the old and the new seem to work in harmony. Where one has the advantages of a traditional village and the conveniences of a contemporary town. Only minutes away from the busy resorts of Protaras and Ayia Napa and the closest beach being with in walking distance. This is Paralimni.

The largest town in the eastern southern fringe of Cyprus, there is nothing you can't find here.
Warm smiles will greet you everywhere. This is Paralimni.


This small fishing village is like the postcards you pick up from Cyprus that feature places you think can't really exist.

Small fishing boats line this small river that flows into the expanse of the sea from where you can see the point of Cape Greco in the distance.

Sit in one of the few tavernas here that serve fresh fish and get lost in this magical place that can't really exist.


A lush village that is full of orange groves and olive trees, Vrysoulles is located somewhere 10 kilometers away from the town of Paralimni, and 5 kilometers away from the occupied town of Famagusta. On the beginning of the previous century, the village used to have only few families as residents, however, after the Turkish invasion on middle of the 1970's, it has attracted few thousands of residents, including the workforce of the British Army Bases, of Ayios Nicolaos.
For the moment, Vrysoulles offers most of the amenities of a small village, including supermarkets, restaurants, pubs and schools. Vrysoulles has also been very popular for its incredible taverns, where people can enjoy all type of cuisines, in a very gracious environment.

In fact, on the village now there are different kinds of restaurants, and most of them are admired for the appetizing food, and low prices they offer. In addition, the village is very quiet, and is really offered for people who are looking to retire in a peaceful environment out on the nature, away from pressure and stress.

The life back in the village, is always calm and tranquil, and all the people get together every night to have fun in the taverns and pubs existing around.

Protaras: Magnetic Charm

Protaras is one of the most beautiful seaside resorts in Cyprus. The colourful landscape and natural environment combined with sandy beaches and hilly slopes are covered with lush natural greenery all year round. Its special characteristics and advantages make it unique.

Geographically, Protaras lies in an area which is well - protected from the wind and consequently the sea is calm and crystal clear. Temperate winters and warm summers are ideal for comfortable year round living. During the past fifteen years, Protaras has experienced unprecedented growth and development. Nevertheless, the natural environment has been wonderfully preserved under the strict control of the government to ensure that the ecological charm and character of the area is not altered. In accordance with this, modern facilities and comforts abound which today make Protaras one of the most attractive tourist destinations for foreigners and locals alike.

Luxurious hotels, restaurants, tavernas, discoteques and playgrounds blend in with green fauna and red earth. Windmills, vegetable gardens and the breathtaking view of Ayios Elias Church are just a few of the characteristics that set Protaras apart from other places.

Protaras has an excellent road connection with all main towns and is less than an hour's drive from Larnaca International Airport. Protaras is also part of Paralimni which is the main muncipality in the free Famagusta area. Some of the most beautiful beaches on the island are concentrated in this area, the most popular being Fig Tree Bay.

In short, Protaras and its inhabitants exuberate warmth, beauty and endearing magnetism. It's a land where young and old and people from all walks of life gravitate. A land where trust and security make people feel at home, where sunshine and inviting hospitality radiate, where a smile is found on every face. Once you've been there, you won't want to leave.

Pervolia village is found on the Western site of Larnaca Town about 6 Km from the Larnaca International airport. (see detailed distance Chart below)

The village has about 1200 inhabitants and is situated some 800 meters from the sea. As you can see on the photo, it's sandy beaches has made Pervolia a very popular place both for foreigners and locals in the last years.

Pervolia is a charming village where a visitor can find the culture and hospitality of a traditional Cypriot village and experience the rich traditions, customs and authentic way of life of the fun loving and friendly locals.

The family run restaurants and tavernas in the village centre serve traditional local dishes to locals and visitors in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

The excellent location of the village in combination with the friendly and safe environment that exists makes Pervolia an excellent place for around the year vacations or permanent residence



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